EODOR Survival Mask 95 Plus

Item Code - ESM95 Plus

ESM95 Plus is designed for convenient and effective use of wearers, specifically:
  • Fluid resistant
  • Flat-fold design and packaging help protect the respirators from contamination
  •  before use and offer convenient storage and portability
  • Embossed top panel helps reduce eyewear fogging and improve field of vision
  • Sculpted top panel allows more room for eyewear and compatible with a variety of eyewear
  • Adjustable nose-clip provides a custom, secure seal
  • Innovative chin tab for ease of positioning, donning, adjustment

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ESM95 Plus particulate respirator has comfortable inner materials. It is comprised of
five (05) layers including three EODOR cotton and EODOR SMS, which helps provide
respiratory protection against certain airborne particles. The unique structure and technology
provide two-way protection to both medical professionals and patients, and help encapsulate
contaminated molecules including CO, H2S, NH3, bacteria, viruses, odors, fine dusts, and
bio-chemical agents when the wearer use the mask and breath. EODOR solution also eliminate
odors of breathing, which will enable the user to wear the mask long hours.

ESM95 Plus can be used in medical environment since its design works for fluid resistant to splash
and spatter of blood and other infectious materials. The individually packaged flat fold design allows
for convenient storage prior to use. It is washable up to twenty (20) times.

Other features:
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • Sterilized with UV lights
  • Not made from natural rubber latex
  • Designed for ease of breathing
  • Smooth inner materials feel comfortable against the skin
  • One fits all design
Quality standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13486:2016, CE, FDA

Safety standards: TCVN 7421-1-2013, EN 14362-1-2012, EN 14362-3-2012

Color: White

Made in Vietnam with U.S. Technology

Packed: 10 individual packs/box



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